Pension Planning (page 2)

Self investment photo
Self investment gives considerable control over what assets are held within a pension scheme

For those who have already built up a substantial fund, it could be worth considering flexible retirement options, such as Self Invested Personal Pension Plans (SIPPs). These plans are often used by those who recognise that aside from the level of their contributions, it is the performance of the underlying investments that most influences the amount they will have to provide for a secure, comfortable retirement.

Many people do, of course, have a range of existing private and occupational pension arrangements which should ideally be reviewed on a regular basis. Many people simply do not know what the values of their plans are, or just as importantly, how much income they are likely to generate upon their retirement.

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Use the FSA/ABI pension calculator to see how much income you might get when you retire – from what you save now or in the future:

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