Working with other professionals

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Seminars are an easy way to pass on information

We understand that many professional people, whose expertise may lie in other areas such as accountancy and the law, do not have the time to spare to keep fully up to date with developments in the financial services arena.

For this reason, we have developed relationships with a number of local professionals who enjoy access to our extensive technical knowledge of the financial services market place.

By helping fellow professionals remain up-to-date with changes, as they occur, we can help ensure that their clients continue to receive the very best range of advice on matters such as:

  • Changes to pension law and practice, including pension simplification;
  • Current investment issues;
  • Inheritance tax planning;
  • The Trustee Act 2000;
  • Personal, family and company protection.

Technical information is delivered through personal presentations and briefing notes, which are available on request.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate finance and taxation and Trust advice.